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Breaking News For Hunza Nagar | Jeep Safari service by The Karakuram Club (TKC)


TKC is bringing regular full day Jeep Safari in Nagar Valley !!!

This will help promoting tourism in Nagar Valley as this area is extremely beautiful but very less explored and promoted.

Jeep Safari will start from Osho Thang Hotel, Minapin, Nagar Valley and Israr Osho Thang bhai has agreed to take care of the setup initially that will engage the whole area In Sha Allah till Hopar Village being the other end of the safari.

You will get to see and enjoy:
– many villages on Nagar side
– Culture of Nagar
– Different views of Naltar Peaks, Rakaposhi, Sang-e-Mar Mar, Ultar Sar, Lady Finger, Diran, Golden Peak and cluster of 7000ers in Hispar and Gojal area.
– Totally new and different view of Karakoram Highway (KKH) and Hunza side of villages from a higher view point
– Off-road adventure

You can contact Israr bhai on given number and book your safari now 🙂

As you are aware that members have started to purchase TKC Merchandise so, as promised, we are also increasing the gifts and giveaways 🙂

First 10 independent members who will complete TKC Nagar Valley Jeep Safari will get TKC Gifts In Sha Allah 🙂

Also, we will choose best images to create albums and brochures for TKC Nagar Valley Jeep Safari and winning images will also qualify for TKC Gifts 🙂

So … my dear TKC Family, we are adding one full day to your Nagar Hunza itinerary In Sha Allah, let’s see who comes back first with coverage 😀

Image Credits: Israr Osho Thang, Taha Malik, Muhammad Ashar, Nida Aziz, Mobeen Mazhar

Happy travelling and exploring !!
Keep Pakistan clean and green

Team TKC


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