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Chandni Zahra Iqbal | PUAN GB

I was an Ordinary girl from a Mountainous and backward Valley with so many dreams and I wanted to make my dreams come true. I wanted to explore the world and traveling was my passion. When I enrolled in Access, it polished my skills and provided me many opportunities.
The life changing opportunity for me was that I got a chance to visit United States. I was selected for the “Youth Exchange Program” It was the first step towards my bright future. I was finally going to convert my dream of exploring the world into a reality. After NASA SPACE CAMP in America and having traveled to a long distance. I came back home with new ideas, motivations, inspirations and determination to contribute my society.
I became a young leader and a social worker. The ordinary girl from a mountainous and backward valley stimulated her people to dream big. I organized so many events and programs which are an initiative for the development of youth. I am honored to have an “EMERGING LEADER’S AWARD 2016” by Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network.


I am SR Haical. I am a Web Developer,Freelancer,Graphic designer,blogger,you-tuber and consultant travel. Further, i am fond to let the people aware of the latest trend techs to walk through.


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