Denmark burka protest in pictures

Denmark burka protest in pictures: Veiled campaigners demonstrate against ‘burqa law’

VEILED and vocal protestors in Copenhagen are demonstrating against the first fine imposed for wearing the niqab in Denmark.

Pictures show the Kvinder i Dialog group defying the ban by wearing face veils in the capital, with some angrily waving placards in the air.

It comes as two of Denmark’s parties are considering upping the punishment for transgressing the recent ban from £121 to a prison sentence, as it risks being rendered ineffective by a French-Algerian mogul previously dubbed the “Zorro of Niqab.”

The Liberals and the Danish People’s Party (DF),

, argue that the pledge by Rachid Nekkaz to pay all fines accrued under the contentious “Burka Law” is undermining Danish law.

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