Festivities of Nauroz in Gilgit Baltistan - Introduction of Nauroz

Festivities of Nauroz in Gilgit Baltistan – Introduction of Nauroz

Festivities of Nauroz in Gilgit Baltistan – Introduction of Nauroz

What is nauroz?

Nauroz event is basically marks the beginning of the New Year in the Persian calendar . But when it comes to the North Pakistan (Gilgit,Nagar,Hunza, Ghizar, Astore, Skardu and Ghanche) , people get curious for the whole year to come this event .Majority of the celebrities are belongs to SHIA & ISMAILI.

This event indeed gives the lesson of togetherness, brotherhood and mutual harmony .

This day is celebrating as public holiday as per the local government notifications (GB) .

Indeed this day is very much joyous for everyone and everyone is waiting for this day to come .Hence, celebrations are little bit change district wise.

Activities/Festivities of Nauroz:

  • Special gatherings are held in different towns where special prayers are also offered for prosperity of the country.
  • Other traditional gatherings to spend this day with zeal.

Celebration of Nauroz in District Nagar Valley:

In district nagar, people are celebrating this day with zeal and zest. They preparing different dishes(including Phiti,Khani,Shirini Mithae,pops,) cultural dry fruits(Ushaar).

Few of important activities are as follow:

  • Invitations for lunch/Breakfast among neighbors (Sawal)
  • Chi’Chi [Da’Da]
  • Dress-up ceremony of newborn babies in town gathering
  • CHI ‘ CHI:

The most attractive part in this event is Chi’Chi (Da’da in brushiski).At noon All children’s specially ladies are arranging a huge get gether to conduct the chi ‘ chi ceremong .

What actually happening in this : read below

“Newborn babies who born in last year are prepared to dressed in new clothes and  is placed on the shoulders of an elder/respectable personality of the town, who then carries the baby to some distance”

At the end of this ceremony:  They pray for good luck and blessings of the newborn babies.

Celebration of Nauroz in District Hunza and Ghizer:

As compared to the nagar valley, by slight changes: there is hair cut ceremony where new born babies are arranged to conduct hair cut ceremony specially in district Ghizer.

Celebrations in Baltistan:

A very interesting game is being played in baltistan region where painted eggs are placed by boys to break in a special way .

” Every competitor bring an egg to the ceremony, where they tried to break by the oval sided corner of egg with other egg , Every time the egg broke the winner has to give an egg the winner”

In addition to above a three-day traditional polo tournament is also being conducted before Nauroz at the polo ground, Skardu. A large number of people witnessed the opening match and enjoy.


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