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GB Land Of Beauty requesting visitors to keep surroundings clean.

I will eat grasses and herbs from my pastures and range lands but this is not acceptable for m

Gb issues
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e in the name of tourism and economy in Gilgit Baltistan. I don’t need that money which contaminates my land , which deprives me of the sweet fragrance of my pastures , and which pollutes my water . A straight forward “No’ to contamination and degradation in GB. Dear Pakistan and especially Gilgit-Baltistan , do we really want money for piles of garbage in GB? If we don’t implement sustainable and Eco friendly practices in GB , the time is near when we will have mountains of garbage instead of snow-capped mighty mountains in GB. Please don’t let GB get destroyed for small and short term benefits. We can avoid this contamination in its initial stages if we ,the inhabitants of GB, act responsibly and force our government to implement Eco-friendly practices and policies in GB. It’s our moral , economical and spiritual obligation to protect the pristine beauty of GB in it’s original form . We don’t own this land rather we have borrowed this land and we have to keep it clean for future generations. This land is sacred for us .

Via : Jalal Bin Saeed


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