Top bloggers/Vloggers visited Gilgit Baltistan


Pakistan feared as one of the most war torn country few years ago, but peace return to this region due to Pak army, majority of people around the world visiting and seeing the most beautiful places in the world and Gilgit baltistan is one of the them .Recently few international top bloggers visited Gilgit Baltistan. In this article i will tell you the remarks and experiences they lavish in this region that is known for their dazzling beauty.




Eve Zu Beck in one of well-known Vlogger in Pakistan due to KIKI incident in PIA plan. She expressed her views while talking to a Media channel of Pakistan that “Before coming here, I’d heard a little about local hospitality and the pride that people take in being welcoming to guests. I had still underestimated it all. During my time here, I’ve been invited for tea more times than I can count, guided by strangers when I didn’t know the way.


She added that “I’ve shaken hands with so many incredible women; been offered gas heaters just for myself when it got very cold; eaten incredible food courtesy of locals; been smiled at by so many children. I’ve been showered with respect, interest, and hospitality. I still marvel at all of this, because it isn’t a well-known fact in the West”.

She seemed to be very glad of her decision to visit the northern areas of Pakistan and she wishes to visit Hunza Valley again in coming future. Eva shared some of her trip memories on her Instagram account and they are simply amazing to watch.


Rosie Gabrielle:

She is a Canadian Vlogger who like to travel with bike and share her moments during her visit, according to her visit of Gilgit Baltistan . Countless smiles and cheers of joy as I pass people and they realize it’s a female riding. Numerous offers to stay in local homes wherever I stop. Families are always inviting me to stay with them. When I stop for chai or snacks at a store, most often someone will buy it for me, or the owner will not let me pay, saying I’m a guest in their country and they would love to gift this to me.



Gabrielle continued, “Food, food and more food! Wherever I go, I’m offered to eat wonderful home-cooked food or offered gifts of food from street vendors as I pass by. Everyone wants to say hello and ask where I’m from and are curious what I think about Pakistan

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Mark Wein:

Mark Wein, the American-Thai travel blogger recently visited Pakistan. During his trip, Wein visited and explored the exquisite traditional food and cuisine of the Gilgit Baltistan Certainly, the love of Pakistani cuisine took him to the mountainous yet breath-taking northern region of Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan. Mark took a flight from Islamabad to Skardu and throughout was amused by the snow-capped peaks standing tall, surrounding Skardu. After reaching Skardu, Mark went onto the streets of the Skardu and stopped at a small roadside Chapali Kebabs stall, he then brought Tandoori Naan and had it with a chutney. Mark enjoyed to bits the tasty chapali Kebabs. He also tasted ‘Saag’ with Naan, which he found irresistible. Passing a difficult terrain, and spectacular mountainscape, he then headed towards Shigar Fort, where he was staying with his family. As Mark Wein moved ahead to explore the Shigar Fort, he dived deep into the history of the Shigar Fort and was wonderstruck by the profound history and intricate interiors and exteriors of the Fort.



         Alex is one of the youngest blogger around the world. According to her other countries view Pakistan as barbarian country, but her view change after visiting the beautiful vallies of Gilgit Baltistan  ,she said I’ve been back three times, clearly it changed for the better Overall, it’s become much more positive. Pakistani hospitality is almost unrivaled, and some of my best friends I’ve made on the road are now in Pakistan. The northern nature is divine, and I love the timelessness .The northern areas specifically Gilgit Baltistan different culture scenery and historical places touched her heart the most,

Sure, I do think there are still many problems and bad mindsets within the country but I don’t think tourists need to worry about bombings and kidnappings and whatever other crap the news tells you,i  have enjoyed my stay here and every moment of it.

Sophee Smiles:

Sophee Smiles is an Australian travel, culture and lifestyle blogger. She’s committed to testing her limits, leaping outside of her comfort zone, challenging her understanding of the world and having a ball while she rides the incredible journey of life. Her motto? Explore, experiment, find your happy place. 

Sophee’s love for Pakistan shows the bright side of Pakistan and awesome travel and tourism opportunities in Pakistan.However, for her, the jewel in Pakistan’s tourism crown was the journey along the Karakoram Highway. “It’s not to be missed, by locals and internationals alike. Winding roads guarded by mammoth mountains, iridescent lakes peppered with multi color boats, an ocean of crystal clear like  and fresh fruit, humble villagers ready to welcome strangers with tea and bread, rickety suspension bridges over raging rivers, off-the-beaten-track treks for the wild at heart and an intangible mystery that’s utterly magical … the Karakoram is something special.



I hope in future more well known people going to visit this paradise ,because the new government taken many steps to improve the tourism in Pakistan .

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