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Tour de khunjraab | خنجراب کا پہلا مرحلہ (گلگت تا راکاپوشی) کامیابی کیساتھ پایہ تکمیل تک پہنچ

الحمداللہ ٹور ڈی خنجراب کا پہلا مرحلہ (گلگت تا راکاپوشی) کامیابی کیساتھ پایہ تکمیل تک پہنچا۔ اس اہم ایونٹ نے ضلع نگر کو پوری دنیا میں متعارف کرانے میں اہم کردار ادا کیا ہے جسکا اعتراف بی بی سی اردو (BBC URDU) نے اپنی رپورٹ میں کیا ہے۔ انشااللہ اس طرح کے کیلنڈر ایونٹس سیاحت کے فروغ اور مقامی معیشیت کی بہتری میں اہم سنگ میل ثابت ہوں گے۔
By the grace of ALLAH – On Account of Tour de Khunjrab. The first Stage (LAP) from gilgit to Rakaposhi View Point gulmet nagar was successfully completed. However, international and domestic cyclists have participated and really enjoyed this whole journey over the tracks of KKH crossing nagar valley. They admired the beauty of nagar valley and inspired from the love and hospitality as they have been awarded from the masses of nagar valley . Residents of nagar valley has warn welcomed .As per the instructions of Honorable DC nagar valley all students of nearby KKH have came out and welcomed by wearing cultural cap and performing cultural dance.Moreover, every town connected to KKH had beautifully decorated their shops and alongside walls with balloons and welcoming banners and flexes.
On completing first stage at Rakaposhi View Point, District Administration Nagar has arranged a cultural concert where different performance including famous singers who have awesomely performed and attracted many tourists by their soulful and cultural music and songs .
National and International media has considered this mega event as calendar day and enlisted as historical event in the history of nagar .
BBC stated this event as “This important and mega event has introduced nagar valley in international forums internationally which would increase tourists attraction and uplift the economic ratio”.
Hats off the Administration of NAGAR who struggled to conduct this event and end up with successful conclusion which in return gained a lot of world’s attention .



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