Travel insurance for child traveling alone

Travel insurance for child traveling alone

Travel Assurance for Traveling Abroad

Travel insurance for child traveling alone is not common word in our society. “Travel assurance” may not well known among youngster, but it is essential for our society, because mostly nations treat our people with hostility .Parents sometime concern about their children, who travel abroad for the first time, their concern is:
A. What if they lose their passports?
B. What if they fall ill due any disease?
C. What if your son have any accident due to different circumstances?
D. What if your son’s baggage have vanished?]

Travel insurance for child traveling alone
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Travel Insurance is a cure for your concern:

Allianz Global Assistance is the best international organization that provide best travel insurance anywhere at any time. This organization provide travel plan to protect the youngster if anything happen .They provide team of travel specialists work around the clock to assist your child at any time. Here are just a few ways that travel

insurance can help:
A. If your children’s suitcase is stolen, company baggage benefit your children have to reimburse their damages according to policy.
B. If your children’s passports are stolen, than company hotline assistance team can help them contact the nearest embassy.
C. If your son suffers a covered illness when he is many miles from the nearest hospital, emergency medical transportation benefits can cover transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility.
D. If your son fractures his ankle, company assistance team will tell him where the nearest qualified medical facility is located. Company medical assistance team can cover all the expenses that done during your travel.

Best Travel Insurance Plan for the Youngster to Travel Abroad:

For youngster traveling abroad is the most important part of a travel insurance plan is primary emergency medical benefits. Many primary healthcare providers do not extend coverage outside of the United States and even if your child is covered, he or she may still have to file a claim with your insurer and pay the deductible. Allianz Global Assistance offers three travel insurance plans that include primary emergency medical benefits, the One Trip Emergency Medical Plan, the One Trip Prime Plan and the One Trip Premier Plan. Each of this plan have their own benefit, it is up to you which are more suitable to you, here are brief summary of every plan.

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Travel insurance for child traveling alone
Travel insurance for child traveling alone

1. One Trip Emergency Medical Plan:
This company one trip plan is flexible and includes the wide range of services like, lost baggage, covered missed connections and covered trip delays. The One trip Emergency Medical Plan includes up to $50,000 in emergency medical benefits in case a traveler suffers a covered illness or injury during their trip. This plan also includes up to $250,000 in medical evacuation benefits.

This plan can also be extended during the trip for up to an additional 30 days, a feature not available in other plans, to cover a maximum of 180 days. Restrictions apply, always prepare if anything happen you need to call this company for extension coverage.

One Trip Prime Plan

2. One Trip Prime Plan:
Youngster live is unpredictable life, plan can change depending on scenario that present, to cater these anomaly, one trip plan which is made to tackle these anomaly like cancellation of trip and any interruption occur due weather or other scenario, So a youngster trip abroad is derailed by a covered illness or injury, a covered family emergency or other covered reasons, the One Trip Prime Plan can prevent you from losing the money you invested. Trip interruption benefits can also cover the increased transportation costs for you to return home early due to a covered reason.
The One trip Prime Plan from Allianz Global Assistance includes emergency medical benefits up to $25,000 and emergency medical transportation benefits up to $500,000. It also includes luggage, missed connection and travel delay benefits.

3. One Trip Premier Plan:
The One Trip Premier Plan can double the most post departure service provided by One Trip Plan up to $50,000 in emergency medical benefits and up to $1 million in emergency medical transportation benefits. The One trip Premier Plan includes travel delay benefits up to $1,600, baggage loss or damage up to $2,000, baggage delay up to $600, and missed connection benefits up to $1,600.


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