Four Seasons to be remembered in Gilgit-Balistan

Beautiful Colors of Gilgit baltistan – Four Seasons

There are so many places that tourists want to see one of them is Gilgit-Balistan, also known as the paradise for tourists. This place is known for his natural beauty and resources that you would not able to forget even if you want to. Gilgit-Baltistan is, perhaps, the most spectacular region of Pakistan in terms of its geography and scenic beauty. Blessed naturally with luxuriantly green cherry, apricot, apple, pears and peach orchards, streams full of natural waters, rivers and a landscape full of mountains with snow covered peaks. There are four major season of Gilgit-Baltistan describe below.

Spring (Season of happiness):
Spring is the queen of all seasons, it is a season of growth. Flowers bloom and new leaves out as the weather becomes so pleasant that everything has new life. As an indication of a new life after harsh winter season, the blossom season appears with a variety of Colorful flowers. It brings a unique beauty and sense of freshness which attracts thousands of visitors from abroad especially when cherry blossom is there ,it is the name of the most beautiful tree .The Festival celebrated in this season is called Now Rooz. This is the first festival of the year celebrated in Gilgit-Baltistan on 21st March of each year.It is known as the identification of beginning of new year . On this Occasion local dishes like “Ghoom Fulai” and “Shoshp” are made to celebrate such activity .

Spring season in gilgit

Summer(Season of sweatiness):

The summer has its own taste as the natural beauty reach its peak. The summer in the Gilgit-Baltistan is of greater attraction. One may visit lush green valleys decorated with corn fields, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Farmers working in fields to provided our country the resources we need. There are different types of streams, water fall, rivers and melting of glaciers that create a seen to remember . A combination of fresh fruits and local dishes make a taste apart. A festival is celebrated when the wheat is ripened and fully ready to harvest. It is very old tradition to welcome the grains of wheat at homes. The people feel happy on this cultural day. In the early morning all the people wake up and after having breakfast they get ready to celebrate the harvest day. In this day different kinds of traditional
summer season in gilgit

Autumn(Season of dryness):

In Autumn temperature may drop but specific leaves that turned into yellow and golden provide beautiful scene due to reflection of sunlight .Autumn appears with a different and new look as a farewell to summer and welcoming the winter. The Autumn season in which all activity regarding fields will come to end. Some of fruits ripe in this season are very delicious and tasty. A culture day is also celebrate in this season by the people Gilgit-Baltistan.
autumn season in gilgit

Winter(Season of Coldness):

Winter in Gilgit-Baltistan is the most toughest season in all four seasons all rivers, streams, canals will freeze up sue to heavy snowing,but it has its own charm . This brings an opportunity for winter sports skiing, football and cricket on the ice. One of the unique things about Gilgit-Baltistan is trophy hunting which is a famous winter sport. Gilgit-Baltistan becomes cold and below freezing point during the month of December, January, and February. To keep body warm majority people slaughter animals during the November and December and store the slaughtered meat to use it for few moths. This tradition is called Dashti or Nasalo.

Winter season in gilgit


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